Should I choose a male or female dog?

It’s the question that goes through the mind of most people looking to have a pet dog for the family .. which is best, a male or a female? As you might expect there is no right or wrong answer, as it depends on what you are looking for. For example, if the most important factors are their personality and character then clearly this will be different for each and every animal, so you will need to meet the puppy or dog and see how it interacts with you and whether that is what you are looking for.

If however you are asking yourself whether a male or female dog would be a better, more suitable pet you will need to consider other factors like the size, the temperament and the amount of care and time the dog will need.

Female Dogs

Generally these will be of a warmer, gentler temperament and usually smaller in size and are often considered more suitable for families with children, although as you would expect there are some male dogs that fall into this category too. It is probably the maternal instinct existing in females that make them more amiable and suitable for youngsters’ playtime, and one should not be concerned with the heat cycles and bleeding encountered with female dogs. If the latter is of importance and you are worried about her bleeding around your home then you can consider getting her spayed. That is probably the right thing to do anyway, and after the operation the bleeding should stop.

So whilst the temperament of the female dog is warmer, much depends on the time and effort you can put into training and socialising the animal, which is something relevant to all dogs, whether male or female.

Male Dogs

Typically, a male dog is more difficult to care for. For example, they are specialists in preforming a disappearing act when a nearby female dog is in heat and will go in search of the female endangering his life as well as those of others by running out into the road maybe.

A common word used to describe male dogs is ‘territorial’. He can get quite aggressive if he feels that anything which he feels is his is threatened by another dog, and will happily fight to defend this. One way in which they will display this territorial character is by urinating with their leg up as high as is possible, although this only becomes a problem if it happens inside the home.

Male dogs are considered as having masses of energy and will be lots of fun to be around having more endurance than females, in general. Naturally this will need attending to as they will need to burn off this energy, and their owners need to allow enough time to deal with this.

So, as we said at the outset, there is no right and wrong answer, but please do consider all aspects not only for your sake, but more importantly for the dogs.