Is your pet insured?

However much you don’t like paying for it, insurance is a necessary evil. It provides you with peace of mind to know that in their hour of need you have the funds to ensure that your pet will be cared for in the best possible way. Choosing an insurance company to provide this for you, and your pet, is not easy as the cheapest is not always the best, as this may not provide you with the protection you need. An efficient claims service is paramount, and you must consider carefully the cover provided, and most importantly, the benefits it will give to you and your pet. It is therefore a good idea to get several quotations, and look carefully at the cover offered as well as the price.

Be sure to check about any pre-existing conditions being excluded, the size of the excess under the vet’s fees cover section and any limit’s applying to the cover. It is bad enough to deal with an unwell pet, but then to be told that cover does not apply, or is limited in some way, makes it all the more difficult.

Don’t leave things to chance, your pet is precious, insure them now!