Dog cages for happy dogs

Choosing a dog cage from the many different styles and types on the market can be difficult, and as you would imagine there is also a huge range of prices.

Most dogs are happy in a dog cage, even though some people are against using them, as they can offer the dog a sense of security, much like a child has a comfy blanket. By having their own area they have a sense of security and this will go with them when there is a need to travel. This means that they are less likely to become stressed when travelling in a car. In addition, if you add a favourite blanket within the dog cage, there will be increased comfort for the dog who will be happy being in familiar surroundings.

Make sure that when you buy a dog cage it is big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around in, and be comfortable in so that when it wants to sleep it can lie down on its side with its legs outstretched. Also buy the size so that the dog can fit into once it is fully grown, as you don’t want to be having to buy a larger after a year or so! Some cages have dividers which are useful when having to transport puppies, restricting the area of the cage that they have access to. Once they grow the divider can be taken out so that you can use the whole cage.

Very often the biggest problem is whether your car is large enough to fit the dog cage inside, in a safe place, without it moving around whilst the car is on the move.

A good quality dog cage should last the life of the animal if handled correctly, which makes it a relatively cheap investment, as it isn’t too small a price to pay for all the benefits of dog happiness and security, along with ease of transportation.