Why is the Sahara Desert in Norfolk?

I keep hearing people say that it is a bit misty outside, and that it is because some of the Sahara desert has blown to Norfolk. But what has that to do with me?

Apparently it’s been a bit windy in the Sahara and some of the sand got caught in the wind and flew over to England, including Norfolk, and that’s why you can’t see very far when you are outside at the moment.

Do you think that has got anything to do with that giant bumble bee that came into our lounge today? Maybe he couldn’t see where he was going. Boy was he a big one, nearly as big as me … well not quite! I got really excited at seeing him and went through all the rooms in the house to tell everyone to come and look. Then we opened the window so he could fly away and make some more honey.

Just a quick word about my good friend and neighbour, Russell, who is not very well at the moment and is in hospital. Get better soon mate, and when I have barked at you in the past, it’s only ‘cos I want to play! I like you really.

Misty x