The last post … the hardest post

It has taken four weeks before I was able to sit down and write this, but on the 19th October we had to say farewell to our beloved Misty. She had celebrated her 16th birthday on 17th July so it is fair to say “she had a good innings.”

Losing someone precious is always difficult for all concerned, but I just wanted to say “Thank you” to Misty for everything she brought to those who met her, and the things she taught us on her life journey.

She gave us so much fun and love as a member of our family. Together with her Mum Lady, she taught Daniella and Matthew how to love and respect all animals, as they were growing up. Then when Jenny had a serious accident, she became a nurse providing the special companionship to help heal the physical and mental injuries.

When I had my career change of direction she helped me learn how to develop websites by allowing me to experiment with, sitting by my feet as I would write up her latest adventures with the friends she had met on our daily walk. After we had lost Lady we would regularly have photoshoots out in the countryside. She loved posing. She was a perfect model who loved the outdoors … unless it was raining!

For the last three years of her life she dealt with degenerative myelopathy, never once showing any signs of discomfort or being downbeat, adapting to her set of wheels and other lifestyle changes as they were presented to her. Another lesson she taught us … how to deal with obstacles and not let them get in your way from living your life.

Misty, you were a star, a mischievous one and will always be looking down on us from above. Jenny, Daniella, Matthew and I miss you so much and think of you every single day and you will always be in our hearts for the part you played in making us what we are today. Thank you.

Sleep tight sweetheart xxxx

9 Replies to “The last post … the hardest post”

  1. Dawn says:

    Oh that’s just beautiful…. made me cry. A lovely tribute for such a special member of your family. So sorry she had to leave., but she no doubt had a wonderful life with you all. You were all very lucky to have each other Love to you all 💘🤗

    1. Lisa says:

      So sorry for the loss of your girl. She will be with you in your heart and waiting for you at the bridge when the time comes. Thinking of you all xx

  2. Nikki Collins says:

    That’s lovely Chris. Brought a tear to my eye. Misty lived a long & happy life with an amazing, beautiful family. Sending you, Jenny, Daniella & Matthew our love & lots of hugs. xxxx

  3. Wendy Hogge says:

    Love… unconditional Love… Misty had a wonderful family she could love and who loved her unconditionally. Sending you Comfort prayers. They are our children while here on earth for the short time we have with them. They teach us so much. I am sure she is there with you in spirit. written with tears falling….

  4. Lyn hales says:

    Not sure that anything I say can help at this time. This is a lovely tribute to her love you lots x

  5. Deb Drummee says:

    What a special tribute to your wonderful, gorgeous girl Misty. My thoughts are with you all, such a terrible loss. I have such fond memories of my time with her. Hold onto the fabulous times you all had together.Much love to you all, Deb’s xxxx

  6. carol allenden says:

    just read this blog , so sad to hear about misty. she has joined her sister Bean . we have just lost mousse our chocolate tt so just have worcester now . not sure where we would go now for another tibetan as good as Bean was . carol and mike Allenden.

    1. Misty says:

      Thank you Carol and Mike. Yes they will be together, playing and having fun in their mischievous ways! We all miss Misty terribly, and there is not a day go by that we don’t think of her, and Lady, her and Beans Mum. They were all very, very special Tibetan Terriers.

      So sorry to hear about Mousse. It’s not easy.


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