Guide Dogs Need Training

All dogs are amazing, but some are incredible in what they do and how they help humans. They are really good looking and have clever minds. Do you know who I am talking about yet?

Yes, it’s the dogs who help the visually impaired humans, bringing them independence and mobility that they simply would not be able to enjoy without them. The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association train these animals and you can help their work today by sponsoring a puppy as it goes through its training programme. It takes a lot of time and money to teach these dogs all the skills that are needed, so why not give promise them a few pounds every month?

The Association also helps educate the public on eye safety as well as carrying out research on diseases that can affect eyes.

So visit the website of The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association today and help support their work by giving some of your hard earned money to help them help others. Thank you.

Misty x