Don’t let us dogs get fat!

It’s not just humans who get fat, us dogs can too. Apparently around 25% of pets are obese or overweight and that’s a lot of animals, so don’t ignore it please.

You can get a good idea by simply looking at your dog and having a good idea of how that breed or species should look. Consider the physical condition and the overall appearance, for example the ribs should not be visible but if you should be able to feel them without having to press in on the animal. Also check the area around the stomach as this should not be tucked up, and take into account its sex, breed, age and the type of life it leads. Some dogs are more active than others and will be used to running around.

If you carry out these checks regularly you will be able to observe if your pet is changing in any way, which will give you the information a vet would need if you felt the need to talk to them.

If your pet is overweight it is not healthy, and an unhealthy dog does not usually live as long as a healthy one. It can also mean that there are issues with diabetes, heart, joints and arthritis which require medication, and that’s not normally very nice.

Please try to remember that us dogs will eat the amount of food you put in front of us, so if we get fat it is very often the fault of the humans. Okay, so you like to spoil your pet by showing love and care by giving them treats, but that might not be the best way to look after them. Make sure you give your pet a sensible diet, whilst providing them with enough exercise. Your vet will happily advise you with the diet program, but providing a suitable lifestyle, sufficient exercise and activities for your pet is down to the owners.

Keep healthy,

Misty x