Bird Droppings and Shorn Sheep

Now I know that some people are getting to know me through my website and on twitter (where I can be found as @MistysBlog) but what I didn’t realise is that the birds know me too. They are even drawing paintings of me in their bird droppings!!

The other day when I was looking out of the bedroom window when I saw this mess on the window, and after a while realised that I could see myself in their poo if I put my head to one side! Can you?

Yesterday on our walk we bumped into the sheep. There’s only three of them at the moment as you know, so we didn’t stop for long. Boy, have they had a hair cut or what? I know it’s coming into summer and both Lady and myself need a trim, but I hope it’s not going to be as severe as theirs. Some mornings are still a little chilly and they haven’t got much coat left to keep them warm. They went on to tell me that people wanted their coat so that they could make woollen jumpers – well, at least those people will be warm!!

Talking of the warm weather, that means nicer walks and even a bit more play time. So don’t forget to visit my shop where I have some really great dog toys waiting for you!

Misty x